Head Of Department

Dea. Bariki Mlaki


Postal Address: 195 Moshi
Office Tel: (027) 2754359/60
Phone: 0754 814 687
Email: deacon-department@northerndiocese.co.tz


In a nut shell, it is about evangelism through deeds. The department offers services that are central to the ministry of the Church from the apostles to the present. Periodically whenever needs arise this department coordinates emergency aid or relief during famine, floods, or epidemics.

Under Diaconal department, we have a special unit for children with intellectual disabilities called Building a Caring Community (BCC) in partnership with Mosaic International, a core founder.

BCC works with 8 parishes in Moshi Municipal to provide comprehensive services to children and young adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. BCC was founded in 2007 and currently serves more than 200 families through center and home services.