Head Of Department

Mr. Joshua Ndaga


Head of the Department
Postal Address: 195 Moshi
Office Tel: (027) 2754359/60
Phone: 0752 599 745


ELCT Northern Diocese Health Department coordinates services of Preventive Health, Treatment, and Health Education. ELCT Northern Diocese has three Hospitals with status of District Hospital

  1. Machame hospital
  2. Marangu hospital
  3. Karatu hospital

Machame has the most modern services in orthopedic surgery. The hospital has a College of  Clinical and Assistant Nursing Officers.

Marangu Hospital provides all necessary services, with a focus on eye services and non-communicable diseases.

Karatu Hospital is a Council Designated Hospital for Karatu District. It provides all necessary services with modern machines such as digital X-rays. The hospital has a training college for Clinical and Assistant Nursing Officers.

Moreover, the diocese has 4 Health Centers and a total of 18 dispensaries. All our hospitals run specialist clinics and work closely with the Northern Zone Referral Hospital-KCMC.

This Department has a Primary Health Education unit which is coordinated by Ms. Isaria Megiroo with coordinators in all Church Districts.

Welcome to the best service in our Health Facilities and Training institutes.